Monday, May 16, 2011

How to Configure Your Page list in Blog

When you start to write in a blogspot that time you need to make a separate page for your similar writing.Suppose  you make a page Facebook,then you need to include your all facebook related writing in facebook page.After making some page you sometime you need to make a sequence among those pages which known as Configuring page list. In Blogging System Configuring page list is a part of  "Design" section.
For configuring page list follow the following step :...

First of all go to your blog then..
1.Go to "Design".
2.Now go to "Pages">"Edit"
3.Now edit it by yourself ..
As example:
I want to put my "Privacy Policy" as a last page,so i put it at last with the help of mouse.
   This is The Proper way to Configure your pages list...

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